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+264 (0)61 402 839 | +264 81 204 8350 info@hansensbookingagency.com

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A small river named Duden flows by their place.
Our Story

A Little About Us

In 2008, we opened a booking agency called Windhoek Sunset Africa Safaris but it was just registered and non operational . Having all this knowledge and skill with a strong team we managed to revive the company with a new face lift – renaming it Hansens Booking Agency cc we consider to be rarer than radium as we this was a long term vision to use consultants who have been exposed to working at many operators where they have aquired top skill to know what our guests need and do not need, we have groomed and polished them to be ready for any situation ; most of these consultants had a very strong and connecting relationship (business related) with each and everyone of their clients to the extend that the clients did not want to work with anyone else… perhaps you had an encounter with one of them. As we are trained to understand that effectiveness and efficiency is what our clientelle is looking for we at Hansens Booking Agency cc do whatever we need to do to get the correct information as fast as we can and as attractive as possible to our valued guests as well as to our valued agents. We at Hansens Booking Agency understand that Namibia is a country first, however a destination rich in its landscape – thus a photographers paradise. Namibia tourism booms on a yearly basis with increasing numbers of visitors mainly as it is considered to be one of the safest countries in Africa. Hansens Booking Agency cc a 100% Namibian company was officially opened in 2017; being one of the new and fresh faces in the tourism industry. We are a family run booking agency and know and understand what it means to stay competitive not only with service but with the quoting section of the entire business, we will remain competitive as our focus is to conquer and please thus dare you to give us a better offer and we will beat it.. How ? by reducing our mark up to stay as competitive as possible. We understand that profit is important but sharing the profit is better. The company is new but the expertise surrounding the company is vibrant, innovative, effective and efficient.


Our Business Strategy

At Hansens Booking Agency cc we give the client more than what was requested by understanding that this is a booking agency and our client comes to us to put together services with the help of our suppliers to produce unforgetful memories, our client understands that this is a one-stop agency where you tell us what you want and we make it happen as well as go out to not only give you what you want but to exceed your expectations – everytime. We stay competitive by offering a link where guests can rate our services on trip advisor (www.tripadvisor.com ) as well as via our marketing department (info@hansensbookingagency.com) and will use negative criticism to improve our services.

We understand that each and every travel / planning need is different. We do not only create tours based on the information provided but we help our guests to travel using more advisable routes and equip them with information needed for each destination i.e when visiting Botswana to note to pay a 30US$ per persona t any entrance point for Botswana’s development levy


To provide our clients (Regional/International) with a long term and reliable service.


To grow into a reputable service provider in the travel and tourism industry in Namibia for All our clients.

Core Values

We believe in delivering our promise of ensuring reliable and long term cost effective travel/event package. We will grow through hard work and commitment to our clients to ensure quality service delivery. Our business incorporates honesty, integrity, respect and professionalism.


Hansens Booking Agency – Gives you exactly what you need and more

More Info

Before committing to any project we require a signed agreement sent back to us from our client, with details on cancellation; booking and payment policies. We will need to have all information from the client which we as professionals know and will communicate to our clients to complete the task successfully and client and agency will communicate via emails at most to keep record of every communication process.

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