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Etosha National Park

August 14, 2018

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About Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is one of Southern Africa’s finest and most important Game Reserves. Etosha Game park was declared a National Park in 1907 and covering an area of 22 270 square km, it is home to 114 mammal species, 340 bird species, 110 reptile species, 16 amphibian species and, surprisingly, one species of fish. The Etosha Park is one of the first places on any itinerary designed for a holiday in Namibia.
Etosha, meaning “Great White Place”, is dominated by a massive mineral pan. The pan is part of the Kalahari Basin, the floor of which was formed around 1000 million years ago. The Etosha Pan covers around 25% of the National Park. The pan was originally a lake fed by the Kunene River. However the course of the river changed thousands of years ago and the lake dried up. The pan now is a large dusty depression of salt and dusty clay which fills only if the rains are heavy and even then only holds water for a short time. This temporary water in the Etosha Pan attracts thousands of wading birds including impressive flocks of flamingos. The perennial springs along the edges of the Etosha Pan draw large concentrations of wildlife and birds.
A San legend about the formation of the Etosha Pan tells of how a village was raided and everyone but the women slaughtered. One woman was so upset about the death of her family she cried until her tears formed a massive lake. When the lake dried up nothing was left apart from a huge white pan.
The game viewing in Etosha National Park is excellent, the best time being from May to September – the cooler months in Namibia. Visitors to Etosha Game Reserve can expect to see many buck species, elephant, giraffe, rhino and lions. More fortunate visitors will see leopard and cheetah. There is a network of roads linking the five camps and subsidiary roads lead to various waterholes.
When it was originally proclaimed at the turn of the century the Etosha Park consisted of an area of 100,000 square kilometres. This was the largest reserve on earth but in the 1960’s political pressure resulted in the Park being reduced to its current size.
Traditionally visitors to Etosha had a choice of three rest camps – Namutoni, Halali and Okaukuejo. Each camp has tourist facilities such as a restaurant, a shop (selling only basic goods), a motor garage for fuel and basic repairs, and a swimming pool, as well as various grades of accommodation and camping facilities. September 2008 heralded the opening of Onkoshi Camp a brand new lodge inside Etosha – this was the first development inside the park in several decades and offers an environmentally friendly luxury experience. Accommodation options inside the park where further increased with the opening of the Dolomite Camp & the Olifantsrus Campsite in the previously restricted western Etosha.
Three of the five camps have floodlit waterholes, the exceptions being Dolomite and Onkoshi Camps. Of these three, two provide excellent night game viewing. Rhino and elephant are often seen at the waterhole at Okaukuejo. The waterhole at Halali has the reputation of attracting leopard and visitors who spend the whole night here will probably see one. However, Namutoni waterhole is rivalled by the artesian springs of Klein Namutoni and Koinachas, so fewer animals frequent it compared to Okaukuejo and Halali. Onkoshi Camp has unparalleled views over the eastern Etosha Pan which attract thousands of flamingoes and other waterbirds during the rainy season.
Dolomite Camp boasts some of the highest concentrations of wildlife in the park, notably Hartmann’s zebra which does not occur in the eastern section. Non-resident visitors to Etosha, i.e. those residing at one of the many private lodges and hotels around Etosha, can now visit Okaukuejo, Halali and Namutoni, Onkoshi and Dolomite for rest, recreation, and refuelling. Enter Galton’s Gate before 13h00 in order to make it to Okaukuejo. Park security will not allow those arriving later to proceed unless you are staying at Dolomite Camp.
The dominant vegetation in Etosha is Mopane (Colophospermum mopane) or Omusati in a local language, and it is so widespread in the north-west of Namibia that a region in Owambo is named after it. The western areas of the park support mainly mopane scrub, whereas there are extensive woodlands of tall trees in the southern parts of the Halali area as well as in the camp. One of the most spectacular trees in the park is the African moringa, (Moringa ovalifolia) or ghost tree. There is a specially fenced off area, some 30km west of Okaukuejo, to help preserve this unique and to some, grotesquely shaped trees, known as the haunted forest . This is an unusual habitat for the moringa, as they normally occur on hillsides and they grow in a variety of weird shapes, and as many of the trees have several trunks emerging from a swollen base, they are often mistaken for baobabs, but are not related to them. The second most common species in Etosha is the red bushwillow, (Combretum apiculatum), and is known locally as Kudubusch (German) or koedoebos (Afrikaans), aptly named because kudu and other game species browse the nutritious leaves, whilst rhino consume entire branches and elephant prefer the bark.
Many guests choose to stay at lodges outside the park boundaries, there are several reason for this with one of the most compelling being that the quality of accommodation and service is generally higher here than at the camps within the park. Another popular option amongst visitors to this part of Namibia is to use a combination of the privately owned establishments along with a few nights inside the park – allowing them to experience the best of both worlds. Many of these privately owned establishments offer private game drives, either in their own game reserves or in Etosha Park itself.
The main entrance to the park is called the “Andersson Gate” situated near Okaukuejo in the south. The eastern entrance is called the “Von Lindequist Gate” and is near Namutoni. The new “Nehale lya Mpingana Gate” gate, (King Nehale Gate) was opened at the beginning of 2003 in the north-east.
Galton Gate (Otjovazandu) was officially opened on the 28th February 2014. Self-drive visitors to Etosha can now enter the park via this gate. Entry is not without restrictions. The distance from Okaukuejo to Galton is about 200km with a speed limit of 60km/h. Time management becomes vital and a minimum of 4hrs is required to drive from the gate to Okaukuejo. Stopping at waterholes and game viewing will increase that time. Therefore enter before 13h00 in order to make it to Okaukuejo. Park security will not allow those arriving later to proceed unless you are staying at Dolomite Camp.
Visitors should note that the park is only open from sunrise to sunset. Outside of these hours, visitors either have to be in one of the camps, or completely outside the park – or sleep in their cars, surrounded by sharp-toothed prowlers and the sounds of bush at night!
In line with many other African game reserves, Etosha has its own morning, afternoon and night guided safaris. Other private lodges around the park offer daily game drives into Etosha. Another option is to join a scheduled guided safari to Etosha (usually starting in Windhoek), or a custom made private guided safari through the park.

Accomodation Options

Etosha Central Halali Restcamp In Etosha Park

Halali is a large restcamp and is strategically located halfway between Okaukuejo and Namutoni in Namibia’s Etosha National Park. The superb location and decent value for money option make it a popular tourist destination, especially for guests who want to join a night drive. Finding accommodation is often difficult though, especially in the peak season of July to October, so booking in advance is advised.
A varied and abundant amount of Namibian wildlife come to the secluded, scenic, floodlit waterhole which is a short walk from the main camp itself. The major benefit here is that you will not be disturbed or distracted when game viewing. Surrounding the camp are some of the most visited waterholes in the park. The name Halali, of German origin, is derived from the bugle call made to announce the end of a hunt.
The restaurant serves a breakfast buffet and ‘a la carte’ menus for lunch and dinner. Buffet meals can be arranged for larger groups. Book in at reception and browse around the tourist shop for your groceries, books and curios.

Accommodation at Halali is varied:
• Rooms: The Double Rooms are the same size as a one-bedroom chalet. En-suite bathrooms with complimentary toiletries. Air-conditioning, lamps, tea/coffee station and a mini-fridge, mosquito nets are standard. Relax on a small corner sofa.
• Family Chalet: 2 secluded, air-conditioned, self-catering Family Chalets with two separate bedrooms with twin beds and mosquito nets in each. These spacious chalets have a separate lounge, kitchen and bathroom. The kitchen is equipped with a limited selection of crockery and cutlery, a small oven, fridge, kettle and tea/coffee station. Outside is a shaded entertainment area with built-in braai, table and chairs. These chalets are the closest to the waterhole.
• Two Bedroom Bush Chalet: smaller than the family chalets, and further from the waterhole. Twin beds in each bedroom and shared bathroom and a separate toilet, air-conditioning and mosquito nets. Relax in a small open plan lounge/kitchen furnished with two sofas, a small fridge, tea/coffee station, crockery/cutlery. A table and chairs and a built-in braai are right outside.
• One Bedroom Bush Chalet: A small chalet with one bedroom and a small, separate bathroom with a shower/toilet. Air-conditioning and mosquito nets are standard. A sliding glass door leads to a pebble-floored open patio. No braai facilities.
• Premier Bush Chalets: 5 comfortably furnished Premier Bush Chalets with an en-suite bathroom, queen-sized bed, private garden area, jacuzzi, air-conditioning, mosquito nets, a fridge and tea/coffee station. Ideal for honeymooners.
Halali offers their very own morning, afternoon and night game drives.

Etosha North EastOnkoshi Camp

Opened in late 2008, Onkoshi Camp was the first new accommodation to be built inside the Etosha National Park in over 30 years. In mid 2011 a second lodge, Dolomite Camp, was also opened within the park borders, this means that visitors have a choice of 5 camps within Etosha; as well as numerous lodges situated just outside the parks boundaries.
Onkoshi Camp is situated on the edge of Etosha Pan and guests can self-drive directly in from Namutoni or King Nehale Gate by 2×4 as well as 4WD vehicles. The camp sits on a wooden deck on an isolated peninsula overlooking the Etosha Pan. It was designed as a low impact, environmentally friendly establishment and uses mainly solar power with generator backup. Even though it is now open as a tourist route the secluded position of the camp still offers a pristine, tranquil and unique experience.
Stay for a few nights at Etosha in one of the following chalets at Onkoshi Casmp:
• Onkoshi Chalet: Their are 14 spacious chalets built on elevated wooden decking complete with thatched roofs and insulated canvas walls. Each chalet has both indoor and outdoor showers and a stone bath with a breathtaking view onto the pan. Two ¾ quarter size beds, a fan, mosquito nets, tea/coffee station, a room safe and room service and standard. Ample luggage and hanging space is provided as is a sleeper couch for a child sharing with parents. The large, wooden-framed retractable doors allow for spectacular panoramic views.
• Onkoshi Honeymoon Chalet: The Honeymoon Chalet has a king-size bed and similar facilities to the Onkoshi Chalets less for the sleeper couch.
There is an associated restaurant, bar area and an infinity pool overlooking the pan. All meals are set from the Camps very own ‘a la carte menu.’
Activities offered from Onkoshi Camp include guided morning, afternoon and night game drives. Access includes exclusive areas within the north-eastern sandveld area of Etosha which are not open to self-drive visitors.
Onkoshi Camp offers superb vistas over the pan, with dramatic, sunset and sunrise textures and colours.
Children over the age of six are welcome at the camp.

Etosha SouthAndersson's Camp

Andersson’s Camp is located 8kms inside the Ongava Game Reserve. The close proximity to Etosha Park’s western gate is also a major drawcard, especially for vistors who wish to game view around both of these excellent wildlife destinations. Andersson’s Camps’ boundaries are completely fenced which prevents large animals and predators from wandering through, making it relatively safe for guests with children. Other highlights inside the camp include a floodlit waterhole and an excellent hide.
This camp is beautifully set against the backdrop of a low range of dolomite hills, a feature that provides relief to the otherwise flat surrounding area. Good populations of a variety of Namibian wildlife exist here, this includes both black and white rhino, roam the surrounding plains and dominant mopane woodland within the reserve. Populations of the endemic Anchieta’s dwarf python, striped tree squirrel and a localized subspecies of rock hyrax can also be found here.
The resurrected farmstead is the central focus of the camp. This model of eco-sensitive lodging provides an authentic, safe and down-to-earth experience for small groups, families and independent travellers to Etosha. There is a waterhole located directly in front of the farmhouse. Strategically placed seating areas throughout the main lodge area, enable you to watch a variety of visiting game.
On either side of the main farmhouse are 20 luxury tents. They are a mixture of calcrete stone-cladding, canvas and wood, elevated on wooden decks for a better view of the surroundings. The en-suite bathrooms, feature a uniquely designed open-air, solar-heated, private shower. Each tent has a fan, mosquito net and a tea/coffee station.
All meals and drinks are served in the restaurants lapa area. There is a breakfast buffet. Lunch and dinner can be ordered from the chef’s ‘a la carte’ menu. Wine and dine under the stars, or have a nightcap or two around the inviting camp fire.
The Ongava Game Reserve is dominated by mopane woodland, whilst a low range of dolomite hills, the Ondundozonanandana Range break up the otherwise flat landscape. Ondundozonanandana is Herero for ‘the place where a boy took the calves.’ Andersson’s Camp has been named after the trader Charles John Andersson (two s’s not one!). He travelled through Namibia in the 1840’s and 50’s. The gate into Etosha National Park, Andersson’s Gate, which is south of Okaukuejo Rest camp, is also named after him!
Andersson’s Camp. Ideal for self-drive trips to Etosha National Park.

Etosha SouthLittle Ongava

Little Ongava is the most exclusive of the 3 Ongava Lodges and one of the most up-market of it’s kind in Namibia. The Ongava Game Reserve location, a private 30,000ha game reserve, is adjacent to the southern boundary of Etosha National Park. A worthwhile wildlife destination in it’s own right, Little Ongava is the perfect launchpad for safaris into Etosha itself.
The lodge is built along a crest of a hill, with wonderful views onto the plains below. Little Ongava’s main area houses the restaurant and bar. It lends itself to relaxed, stylish dining under a star or moonlit Namibian sky. This section of the lodge has the best views of the the near-by waterhole.

Accommodation at Little Ongava comprises of three spacious suites. Each has it’s own en-suite bathroom, air-conditioning, fan, tea/coffee station, mini-bar and an in-room safe. Mosquito nets are fitted to the windows. Outside there is a plunge pool, an additional outdoor shower, and a ‘sala’ for you to unwind. There is 24hr (220v) mains electricity supply.
The Ongava Reserve has resident white and black rhino. Take the opportunity to see both of these rare animals on one of the Reserve’s guided tours. Lion, elephant, cheetah, oryx, springbok and hartebeest can also be seen at both the Reserve and Etosha Park. Guests at Little Ongava share a dedicated guide and Land Rover, ensuring the optimum nature experience at one of Africa’s great wildlife destinations.

Activities include day and night game drives in open 4×4 vehicles into the Okaukuejo area of Etosha National Park. The Reserve also has it’s own hides and walks with armed guides.

The reserve attracts many species of bird including 10 of Namibia’s endemic or near-endemic species such as the violet wood-hoopoe, carp’s tit, red-necked falcon and bare-cheeked babbler. The Namaqua sandgrouse, short-toed rock thrush, acacia pied barbet, double-banded courser and yellow-bellied eremomela can also be observed.

Etosha SouthOngava Tented Camp

Ongava Tented Camp is situated towards the centre of a game reserve of the same name. Many guests comment on the homely atmosphere and productive waterhole combined with the luxury bush camp setting. Self-drivers in Namibia can park up and hop on the camp’s organized activities which includes walking safaris not available in the nearby Etosha National Park.
The reserve enjoys similar wildlife and habitats to Etosha Park as it is located on the southern boundary. There are 2 other sister establishments, all situated in a different part of the reserve. This allows guests to choose the style of accommodation and size of camp that suits them best. Ongava Tented Camp is located at the base of the foothills of the Ondundozonanandana Range which means “mountain where the boy took the calves”.

Ongava Tented Camp has a bar and dining area built out of rock and thatch. It has a unique, intimate feel to it. Drinks and dinner can be enjoyed around the open air fire place and swimming pool, both of which overlook a busy, floodlit waterhole, situated at eye level in front of the camp.
Black and white Rhino have been seen drinking side-by-side at this waterhole. Lion are also frequent visitors. A common comment is that guests feel safe here – despite the roaring of lions at night.

Ongava Tented Camp is a small, classic traditional tented camp. There are 9 “Meru” tents, the classic East African style of tent. Each have double doors to allow for uninterrupted views of the bush and waterhole in front of the camp, and every tent has its own covered verandah.

The tents have been tastefully furnished, each with its own en-suite thatched bathroom, with flush toilet, and open air private shower.

Activities include guided walks and night drives around the reserve, and game drives during the day into the Etosha National Park. There is also a swimming pool.

Ongava Tented Camp. A real bush experience!

Etosha SouthOngava Lodge

Ongava Lodge is situated on the 35,000ha Ongava Private Game Reserve which shares a common border with Etosha National Park. This location makes it a perfect destination in it’s own right and self-drive tourists can use Ongava as a base for day trips into Etosha. An added advantage over the park is that walking safaris and night drives are conducted on Ongava’s own private game reserve.

The lodge is set close to the top of a hill with wonderful views across the plains and 2 productive waterholes below. Many of Ongava’s guests take advantage of the abundant Namibian wildlife and beautiful location and stay for 2 or 3 nights. The lodge is ideal for those on a fly-drive itinerary around Namibia, and offers excellent facilities and activities.
All of the 12 chalets have been attractively built out of brick, rock and thatch. Each chalet has an en-suite bathroom with flush toilet, bath, shower and double hand basins. Air-conditioning, overhead fans, mosquito nets fitted to the windows, a tea/coffee station and an in-room safe are standard. Glass fronted doors lead you onto a private, covered verandah, overlooking the bush.
Outdoor dining under the stars, whilst viewing game drinking at the waterhole, is something never to be forgotten. A buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner, can be served in the restaurant under thatch, or in the split-level lounge or dining room. Both have an outstanding view of the camp’s waterhole. There is also a swimming pool and a large curio shop, stocking a good selection of African gifts and branded safari clothing.

Large herds of plains game concentrate around the waterholes in the dry season, including elephant, lion, leopard, cheetah, giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, springbok, oryx, kudu and the diminutive Damara Dik-Dik.
Local specials of Namibian birds include the Short-toed Rockthrush, Hautlaub’s Francolin, Rockrunner, Ruppells Parrot, White-tailed Shrike and Chestnut Weaver. Ostrich and raptors are also in abundance.

At Ongava Game Reserve, you have an excellent opportunity to view black and white rhino. For those who enjoy close wildlife encounters, tracking white rhino on foot with an armed guide is a highlight not to be missed.
Ongava Lodge is a first choice, for the luxurious, safari experience.

There is a also a private air-strip, with a pick-up and drop off service for Ongava Lodge guests.

Steep steps – not wheel chair friendly

Etosha SouthEtosha Safari Lodge

Etosha Safari Lodge is set on a hillock only 9km away from the Andersson Gate entrance into Etosha National Park. The closeness to the world famous park makes the lodge an ideal base, especially for those on a self drive holiday in Namibia, who wish to safari into Etosha without actually staying in the park itself. Travellers who do not want to drive into the park themselves can join one of the lodge’s (half or full day) trips. They offer friendly service in a value for money destination, often used by larger groups. A sister property Etosha Safari Camp is only 1.6km away.
There are many interpretations of the name Etosha; a not so well-known one is ‘to run faltering across’ illustrating the fatigue an early hunter felt when he attempted to cross the pan. Etosha has close on 114 species of mammal roaming, grazing, prowling, sleeping and sometimes fighting in and around the pan. In the rainy season (October-April) animals seldom visit the waterholes along the more popular tourist routes, but it is also the time to view many young animals, since it is the lambing and calving season. This is also a good time for predators after a snack. Large herds of game can be viewed on the grass plains west of Okaukuejo and around Fisher’s Pan, near Namutoni, the huge concentrations are a defense strategy against relatively high levels of predators.
The main building at Etosha Safari Lodge houses a restaurant and a bar, guest lounge and there are 3 swimming pools to escape from the hot, afternoon Namibian sun. One of these pools can be booked for private use. There is also a laundry service and secure parking for the lodge’s guests and valuables can be secured at reception.
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served buffet style and the evening meal often has a variety of game meats. There is a range of South African wines and local beers to compliment your meal.
Accommodation at Etosha Safari Lodge is in chalets or family rooms:
• Standard Chalets: 60 single/double chalets are each unit equipped with an en-suite bathroom, twin beds, air-conditioning, a fan, mosquito nets, a tea/coffee station and a private verandah with great views of the surrounding environment.
• Standard Family Rooms: 5 standard family rooms with similar facilities to the twin chalets.

Etosha SouthEtosha Safari Camp

Etosha Safari Camp is conveniently located just 10kms from Andersson’s Gate (Near the parks main rest-camp and administrative center, Okaukuejo). The camp provides a great base to explore Etosha Park and offers fairly competitively priced accommodation combined with friendly service.

There are 50 uniquely decorated safari bungalows, set on the first hill of the Ondundozonanandana mountain range. They are tastefully decorated with artistically painted floors and metal furniture, created by local Namibian craftsmen. Stretched across the length of the each bungalow is an inviting verandah, complete with comfortable tables and chairs. The dense vegetation and a canvas roof cast a shadow over the cool verandah, enabling guests to enjoy the surrounding environment.
The bungalows are equipped with air-conditioning, mosquito nets, practical shelving and coat hooks. The inventive and rustic design continues in the en-suite bathrooms with a hand-made ceramic basin and decorative copper mountings. The large gauze windows provide optimal air circulation.

Meals can be taken in the restaurant at the foot of the hill. Enjoy their breakfast or dinner buffet and set lunch menu.

Etosha Safari Camp’s bungalows are clearly very competitively priced, making it an attractive overnight stay. A more-than-acceptable, lower budget accommodation choice for self-driving to the Etosha National Park.

Etosha SouthToshari Lodge

Toshari Lodge is only 25 kilometers from Etosha National Park’s western entrance (Andersson’s gate.) They offer reasonably priced accommodation compared to many other more expensively priced lodges nearby. This is an excellent base for self-drive tourists who would prefer to drive themselves around Etosha. Others can park up and join one of Toshari’s guided trips into the park.
Please note: The restaurant and bar area were recently destroyed by fire. Meals and drinks are served in a temporary tented dining room until reopening scheduled for end of October 2015.
The restaurant and bar are located in the main thatched building. Buffet-style meals are usually served at breakfast and dinner. An excellent selection of Cape wines can be ordered before and after your evening meal. A light mid-day meal and lunch packs need to be booked in advance. Relax on the terrace or at the swimming pool to enjoy those spectacular Namibian sunsets. There is also a ‘boma’, where you can sit around a campfire and enjoy the lodge’s traditional hospitality.
Accommodation at Toshari Lodge is in Standard or Luxury Chalets. All 37 rooms are tastefully decorated with Kiaat furniture, a locally grown hard wood. Overnight in:
• Standard Chalet: 27 Standard Chalets with either double or twin beds, air-conditioning, mosquito nets and en-suite bathroom.
• Luxury chalets: 5 chalets with either king-sized or double beds, en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning, mini-bar and coffee bar and a mosquito net.
• Family Rooms: Fitted with a double and 3 single beds, air-conditioning, mosquito nets and an en-suite bathroom.
The restaurant offers buffet style breakfast and dinner meals. Lunch, breakfast and lunch bags can be ordered on request. For those wanting to enjoy some refreshment prior to and after dinner there is a full bar service with an excellent selection of Cape wines.
The lodge also offers half or full day game drives into Etosha National Park, with a guide in an open game drive vehicle (10 people). These outings includes your entrance fee into the park as well as a wonderful lunch.
There are also 3 walking trails available locally, starting and ending at Toshari Lodge.

Etosha SouthMopane Village Etosha

Mopane Village Etosha is situated only 14kms from Etosha National Park’s western gate. This region is dominated by mopane woodland, hence the name. It is an ideal destination for self-drive tourists in Etosha, families or small groups who wish to overnight outside, but close to Namibia’s number one tourist destination. Exploration of Etosha on a daily basis is also an option. The drive south to Outjo and Otjiwarongo is a relatively short one from here, as is Waterberg Plateau Park.
As the year progresses and the rains cease wildlife is drawn towards Etosha Pan. But as the pan itself dries it becomes extremely salty, so predators and mammals move on to the park’s waterholes. Large herds of elephant congregate to drink whilst plains game inch their way forward. Predators and in particular lion will be waiting patiently to pounce. Superb Namibian wildlife interaction is never far away.

Facilities in the main building include a reception/bar, guest lounge and Wi-fi. The restaurant serves a buffet breakfast with lunch and dinner either a set menu or buffet. Weather permitting the evening meal is served outside ‘under the stars’. After a long day’s journey or safari guests can relax and unwind around the pool.
Nightcaps can be enjoyed around the camp fire in the company of other of Mopane Village Etosha’s guests, an ideal opportunity to catch up on the day’s wildlife action. Electricity and hot water throughout the lodge is provided from solar panel and African donkey heating systems.

Accommodation at Mopane Village Etosha have been sited to allow for maximum privacy. Each canvas and wood unit is equipped with 2 twin beds, en-suit bathrooms, (water) cooling system, mosquito nets and a tea/coffee station.

Etosha SouthMondjila Safari Camp

Owner run Mondjila Safari Camp is situated only 32km from Andersson’s Gate, the western entrance to Namibia’s most famous tourist attraction, Etosha National Park. They offer affordable accommodation to the many self-drive tourists and small groups wanting an ideal base to start or end tours to and from both Kaokoland and Damaraland. Exciting game viewing day trips into national park can also be arranged.
Mondjila is a saying of the local Herero people that means ‘ to be on your way somewhere’ or ‘to be on the road’. In modern times the road would lead to Etosha, a park of contrasts as seasons dramatically alter its vast open plains. It’s name is taken from the white and greenish coloured pan that is ‘the great white place of water’.
This vast 20,000km² fabled wildlife garden, is a haven for over 114 species of Namibian mammals, 340 species of bird, 16 reptile and amphibians, 1 fish (the catfish, seasonal) and a huge variety of insects. The large selection of plains game includes elephant, giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, springbok, red hartebeest, blue wildebeest, gemsbok, eland, kudu, roan and ostrich. Lurking not too far behind are predators such as lion and hyena.
The main building has a restaurant, bar and a guest lounge. There is an outside boma and open-fire pit, great venues for evening conversation, sipping night-caps and gazing at the beautiful Namibian night skies. Local artefacts can be bought from the curio shop. There is a laundry service, Internet connection and secure parking at Mondjila.
The accommodation consists of 11 luxury safari tents,raised on stone patchwork concrete bases. En-suite bathrooms, twin beds, a fan and mosquito nets are standard. Each unit has a table and 2 chairs on the small veranda with great views of the immediate countryside.

Etosha southEldorado Guesthouse & Camping

Eldorado is a private game farm with guest facilities (pension and campsite) situated only 8 kilometers south of the Anderson Gate, Etosha’s main entrance gate. Eldorado has a private atmosphere and offers reasonably priced accommodation close to Namibias main highlight, the Etosha National Park.

Etosha SouthOkaukuejo - Etosha National Park

Okaukuejo is 114kms north of Outjo on the C38. This road leads you right to Etosha Park’s Andersson’s Gate – and from here it is only a few ‘game viewing’ kilometers to Okaukuejo. It is the oldest tourist camp in and it currently functions as the administrative hub of the park as well as being home to the Etosha Ecological Institute. It is situated at the western end of the Etosha Pan.
Okaukuejo Rest Camp is only a few ‘game viewing’ kilometres from Etosha Park’s Andersson’s Gate. The main attraction of this camp is that it overlooks a permanent waterhole, which is floodlit at night. Here a wide diversity of Namibian wildlife congregates and interacts. The spectacle starts at dawn, with animals coming in large numbers to quench their thirst. The excitement continues throughout the day and deep into the night. In the early evenings, it is not uncommon to have black rhinoceros, elephant and lion, all drinking at the same time.
Okaukuejo is the oldest tourist camp in Etosha and it currently functions as the administrative hub of the park. It is also the home to the Etosha Ecological Institute. It is situated at the western end of the Etosha Pan, 114kms north of Outjo on the C38.
The restaurant provides a choice of a buffet or ‘a la carte’ menus and a selection of wines, beers, spirits and cool drinks can be bought from the bar. The kiosk offers guests the opportunity to shop for goods for their stay or onward journey. Head to the swimming pool after your drive or safari to escape the hot afternoon sun.
Accommodation is in one of the following units:
• Premier Waterhole Chalet: A double story chalet with a balcony overlooking the waterhole. There are 2 bedrooms, downstairs has 2 single beds and upstairs a queen size double. Air-conditioning, mosquito nets, a lounge area, fridge and tea/coffee station are standard.
• Waterhole Chalet: Situated close to the waterhole, these comfortable double rooms have an en-suite bathroom and similar facilities to the Premier Waterhole Chalets.
• Family Chalet: A 2 bedroom unit with a kitchenette and braai (barbecue) area. Air-conditioning, mosquito nets, a lounge area, fridge and tea/coffee station are standard.
• Bush Chalet: 2 bed chalets with one bedroom, an en-suite bathroom, lounge area and braai. Equipped with a fridge, tea/coffee station, air-conditioning and mosquito nets.
• Double Room: A double room with an en-suite bathroom and similar facilities to the Bush Chalets.
Okaukuejo is the main area of tourist activity inside Etosha, but visitors can also choose to stay at either Halali, Namutoni, Onkoshi Camp or Dolomite Camp. All 5 of these camps are operated by Namibia Wildlife Resorts and have the advantage of being inside the Etosha National Park. Alternatively, you might like to enquire about several other private lodges around Etosha which tend to offer a higher and more personalised degree of service.
Join one of the morning, afternoon or night game drives around Etosha. Game viewing is best done in the cool of the early morning or late afternoon. Most people choose to game drive themselves around the park – stopping at the various waterholes en-route.

Etosha SouthEagle Tented Camp

Eagle Tented Camp is situated south of Etosha NP and on the same property as Epacha Game Lodge. It can be used as a base from which to explore Etosha and the camp offers day and night game drives around the reserve with the option of a spa treatment afterwards. It is home to 21 antelope species as well as the endangered black rhino and rare sable antelope.
Your accommodation provides breathtaking views over the surrounding mountains and valleys. This charismatic lodge is built from natural rock. Here, modern day luxuries combine perfectly with the raw Namibian bush. A more informal, personal touch has been emphasized than its big brother, Epacha Game Lodge.
The fully-equipped Spa has aroma and mud baths, hydro therapies, pedicures, manicures, massages, yoga and Thelaso therapy. Their well-trained therapists will spoil you with unforgettable care and attention. These treatments are the ideal way to relax after a hard days game viewing in Etosha National Park.
The wellness spa comprises of a sauna, jacuzzi, steam room, thelaso room and open treatment area. Guests can relax in the infinity or splash pools, enjoy a massage on the open deck, or if they prefer, in their very own private lounge.
Eagle Tented Camp and Spa boasts Standard and Luxury Tents. All tents have a private, raised wooden balcony with a splash pool.
• Standard Tents: 8 standard spacious canvas tents are all equipped with en-suite bathroom with shower, toilet and washbasin. Mosquito nets, a fan, tea/coffee station, ‘early morning wake-up call’ telephone and a safe are standard.
• Luxury Tents: 8 luxury canvas tents have a large outside deck with a comfortable bathtub, ideal for stargazing and striking views over the Epacha Wildlife Sanctuary. Step inside to a spacious lounge and en-suite bathroom with a shower and separate toilet. Other facilities are a fan, mosquito nets, a mini-fridge and tea/coffee station. The tents are covered with shade netting.
The restaurant is connected to the bar by a bridge walkway. Breakfast is a buffet or a ‘breakfast bag’ for the ‘early starter’, lunch & dinner are both on offer.
Guests can partake in selected activities. Epacha morning and afternoon game drives, Etosha day excursions and clay-pigeon shooting are all at your disposal. Great for safari groups, families, or independent self drive travellers.

Etosha SouthEpacha Lodge

Epacha Game Lodge is situated in a reserve south of Namibia’s number 1 tourist attraction Etosha National Park. They offer a ‘formal 5 star destination in a bush location’. Both the lodge and game reserve host a considerable selection of Namibian wildlife. The outstanding beauty of the breathtaking, surrounding mountains and valleys adds to your stay.
Epacha Lodge contains a luxurious central lodge in colonial Victorian style, complete with huge leather Chesterfield furniture and hunting trophies. Not just a safari lodge, it offers an outstanding relaxation area, with a fully-equipped health centre and billiards room! The lodge also contains a library, smoking lounge and a conference room – with the most up-to-date audio-visual equipment.
The 18 chalets have been carefully sited so as not to overlook, or be overlooked, by the other guests. Each one has it’s own en-suite bathroom with large bathtub and inside and outside shower. Air-conditioning, fan, mosquito nets, telephone, mini-bar, tea/coffee station and an in-room safe are standard. Your private balcony affords stunning views over the Epacha Private Game Reserve.
The health centre consists of a sauna, jacuzzi, open-area gym, mud bath and ‘infinity pool.’ Enquire about personal treatments – pedicure, manicure, massage or Thalasso therapy – are at hand in one of the most beautiful places in Southern Africa.
All meals can be taken in the restaurant. Why not start the day with a continental or English style breakfast? Lunch and dinner will be served from the ‘a la carte’ menus. Alternatively, take a break throughout the day or night at the pool deck bar.
Activities include morning and afternoon game drives through Epacha Game Reserve, day dame drives in the nearby Etosha National Park and clay pigeon shooting.
Only 4.5kms away is Epacha Lodge’s own private airstrip.

Etosha SouthEtosha Village

The award-winning Taleni Etosha Village offers visitors to the area, especially families an affordable holiday in quality tents close to Namibia’s famous wildlife attractions. As it is only 4.3kms from the Andersson’s Gate (the western entrance to the Etosha National Park), self-drive tourists can day trip to the outstanding waterholes in and around Okaukuejo Camp. (Taleni means view or vision.)
The entrance to the lodge itself leads to a drive-through area (with temporary and secure parking) to the reception and guest cloakroom. The well-stocked Cuca shop utility store, adjacent to reception, stocks beers, wines, groceries and other essential items for the self-caterer. The open-air bar has DSTV, just the job to catch up on all the news from home and those major sporting events. Instructions for the laundry service can be found in the rooms and there is a high-feeding chair and a cot available. Tea & coffee are available 24hrs at the bar.
The 3 swimming pools, (baby, medium sized and large) are great for all the family to have a splash and a dip on those hot, Namibian afternoons. The lawn areas are perfect for the kiddies to play, and the parents to relax and unwind.
Etosha Village offers traditional eating arrangements in a typical Ovambo settlement. After the call for food to be prepared in a kitchen area, meals would be presented to hungry villagers. Men, women, children and elders, would then take their meal to separate eating areas, laid out in a ‘kraal-like’ manner, built with local materials to create shelter. These customs are reflected in the Taleni’s kitchen/buffet area of today. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in outside Etosha Village restaurants. Buffet meals must be booked in advance. Breakfast and lunch packs can be organized the evening before at reception, an ideal addition on a self-drive or guided excursions into Etosha Park.
Guests stay in 40 well-placed accommodation units set in a Mopane forest. They combine comfort and African charm and are arranged in such a way to ensure maximum privacy. The tented bedroom has air-conditioning, a fan, an in-room safe, a double bed, sleeper couch (for 2 children under 12), desk and chair, shelves and hanging space. Number 16 is the wheelchair friendly unit. Power is supplied from mains electricity.
Activities include early morning and afternoon excursions to Etosha National Park. There are 2 game viewing vehicles, seating a maximum of 10 passengers per vehicle, per trip. The morning drive lasts for approximately 6 hours, following a route through Andersson Gate to Okaukuejo, and then on to various waterholes in a circular route, before heading back to Okaukuejo. Light refreshments are served at the ‘Olifant’s Bad.’
The afternoon drive departs at 14h00 and follows the same route, depending on the road-accessibility. If necessary, alternative routes will be suggested, ensuring maximum game-viewing opportunities for their guests. Full-day trips can also be organized. The knowledgeable and professional driver/guides, have extensive knowledge of the area and animals, giving a thoroughly enjoyable ‘running commentary’ en-route.
Taleni Etosha Village. Preserving land as a prime destination for nature lovers.

Etosha SouthOlifantsrus - Etosha National Park

Olifantsrus Campsite is the newest camp to open inside Etosha National Park, located in the previously under-utilized western region. The main drawcard here is a glass fronted hide which overlooks a productive waterhole, attracting some of the biggest and often rarest of inhabitants. This is a departure from the more traditional tourist destinations inside Etosha in that it does not have any accommodation in rooms or bungalows and offers a camping only experience. Visitors can also use Olifantsrus as both a lunch and overnight stopover between Dolomite Camp (50km) and Okaukuejo Rest Camp (130km). Galton Gate is some 60km away.
Etosha is one of the world’s largest and most popular Game Parks. Centrally located is a large salt pan which can fill with water in good rainy years. Many of the park’s main waterhole’s border Etosha Pan, although some are far from your accommodation and require forward planning before you set off on your journey.
One of the key attractions of Olifantsrus is the state-of-the-art hide, a split-level game viewing hut with all-round aluminium viewing windows sited in front of a man-made waterhole, engineered for peaceful game viewing. The name Olifantsrus translates to ‘resting place of elephants’ and their continual movement in this area of the park are complemented with rare and shy species such as black rhino and black-faced impala.
For you convenience there is an information centre and kiosk selling beverages, light meals, snacks and drinks. The kiosk only accepts cash as there are no card facilities in place. The camp’s picturesque picnic facilities are also open to day visitors.
Overnight in 10 camp sites with a maximum of 8 people per site. Campers have use of the communal kitchen with a 2 plate gas stove and a fridge. The ablution blocks (with toilets and showers) accommodates male and female campers as well as day visitors. Although there are no braai facilities, flat bases are provided to build your fire.

Etosha SouthEtotongwe Lodge

Etotongwe Lodge is situated in the northern Namibian town of Outjo. As this is only 94kms south of the famous Etosha NP it provides the ideal base to explore the country’s most visited tourist attraction. Tourists on a self drive itinerary in Namibia, the business community and large groups alike prefer the lodge’s close proximity to the town. ‘Etotongwe’ is the Ovambo name for cheetah. Prepare for longer excursions into Kaokoland, Damaraland and more northern attractions such as the Kunene River and Marienfluss regions from here.
Etosha National Park is one of the world’s top wildlife reserves and an important shelter of the country’s living creatures and plant life. Huge herds of large mammals and an outstanding variety of animals and birds can be found in this amazing sanctuary.
Etotongwe Lodge’s main building consists of a restaurant and bar, with stoop and comfortable sofas and chair to relax and unwind. There is a swimming pool, laundry service, wi-fi Internet connection and the lodge is wheelchair friendly.
Breakfast is served buffet-style and dinner is either from an ‘a la carte’ menu or buffet in high season or with larger groups in attendance. At the hearty and delicious suppers, guests are often entertained by a local youth group’s choir.
Accommodation is in 21 rooms with en-suite bathrooms, air-conditioning and mosquito nets standard. Tea/coffee is available on request and valuables can be secured in the lock-up cupboard or at reception.
A feature of Etotongwe Lodge is the 5ha animal enclosure. It has 3 x eland and individual kudu, gemsbok, black wildebeest and steenbok. These animals have all been hand-reared and often approach the fence (next to the lodge) when people appear. Although feeding the animals is prohibited there are occasions for visitors (and especially children) to assist the staff when attending to the young or newly – born arrivals.
Many visitors to the lodge visit the nearby German bakery – a favourite haunt for locals as well to consume some excellent freshly baked bread, cakes and strong, tasty coffee. There are a number of curio shops and a museum to call on, and in the dead centre of Outjo there are some German graves.

Etosha SouthVreugde Guest Farm

Vreugde Guest Farm is a small, family run establishment set in a beautiful, verdant garden. A warm welcome is assured by the owners who pride themselves on their delicious Namibian farm cuisine. Your accommodation is only 30mins drive from Andersson’s Gate, the main entrance way to Namibia’s number one tourist attraction, Etosha National Park. Many guests use Vreugde as a base to explore the park, especially the waterholes in and around Okaukuejo and Halali Restcamps.
Breakfast and dinner are served in the main farm-house or an outdoor dining area. Lunch packs must be ordered in advance and special diets can be catered for. Drinks can be ordered in the garden as there is ample seating in the sun or the shade. Retire to one of the 2 grass topped Lapa’s for a nightcap after dinner or the open fire-pit in the winter. Guests can also help themselves to drinks from the honesty bar in the main lapa. Take a refreshing dip in the swimming pool after a game drive in Etosha.
Although Etosha National Park is dominated by an enormous mineral pan it only sustains water for a short time often attracting large flocks of flamingoes. It is the string of waterholes along the southern edges of the Etosha Pan that lure large concentrations of wildlife and birds. Large mammals such as elephant and giraffe, lion, leopard and cheetah and a wide variety of antelope species including kudu, gemsbok and eland are highly sought after.
A same-day laundry service, telephone and free Wi-fi internet access (garden, Lapa and some rooms only) can be arranged. Tea, coffee and cake are served in the lapa every afternoon, while tea & coffee are available throughout the day. Vreugde Guest Farm is a multiple Hospitality Association of Namibia (HAN) Golden Award winner, a feat which only highlights their attention to detail and personalized service.
Comfortable and rustic accommodation is in a combination of spacious rooms all facing the beautiful garden. In addition to duvets thick blankets in the winter and flat sheets in the summer are provided. Some of the rooms can access complementary Wi-fi. A hot water bottle will be placed in your bed whilst you are at dinner on those cold winter nights. Accommodation is availbale iin:
• Double Room: There is just the 1 double room ideal for a couple. En-suite facilities with a shower, a ceiling fan, hair-dryer, umbrellas, in-room safe and mosquito netting / gauze fitted to the sliding doors and windows, insect repellent and mosquito plug-in devices are standard.
• Twin Rooms: These 5 rooms have twin beds and facilities similar to the Double Rooms.
• Family Room: Suitable for a family of 4 in separate beds with facilities and furnishings similar to the twin and double rooms.
Afrikaans, German, English and French spoken while Dutch and Flemish are understood at Vreugde Guest Farm.

Etosha SouthOkutala Country Home

o Welcome to your 3-Star Okutala Country Home. A homestead situated on a breath- taking piece of Namibian land, offering you a warm-hearted country experience.
It is here where you will find the serenity of country living – with an inviting front- porch overlooking a watering hole teeming with wildlife.
Here you can cool off in the refreshing swimming pool, play volleyball or participate in various leisurely family activities and games.
The boma and lapa area is where you can spend endless moments of fun around the bon fire and count the twinkling stars smiling on you.

Accommodation – Okutala Country Home

o Single / Double / Triple / Dormitories

Ideal BUDGET accommodation.
Bathrooms to share & en-suite bathrooms.
Ideal accommodation for Families & Groups travelling – maximum 30 people.

All bedroom windows are fitted with gauze.

o Large veranda overlooking wildlife waterhole
o Great photographic opportunities
o Boma area with BBQ and a Pizza oven
o Lapa & Bar
o 18-Seater Mercedes Sprinter bus Shuttles
o Fenced in Runway / Fly-In Safaris / Shaded Parking
o Swimming Pool
o Laundry Service
o Corporate Events / Team Building
o Veterinary Services
o Mobile & WiFi
o Visa & Master Card

Etosha SouthSafarihoek Lodge

Safarihoek Lodge is located on Etosha Heights Private Game Reserve and is part of a 60,000ha reserve which shares borders, for about 65kms, with Etosha National Park. It consists of 10 farms that were originally used for domestic farming. Over a period of time, acquired and combined to create a stunning wildlife reserve that they are now privileged to be part of.
With an array of animals which include various species of antelope, predators, birds as well as others. Guests can be assured their time spent at Safarihoek Lodge will make for an interesting and memorable safari.
Etosha Heights Namibia partakes in various conservation efforts and projects that are currently operational and many more still to come. The main goal and vision is to encourage and develop sustainable eco-friendly tourism, all to the benefit of the area, animals as well as the community.
Safarihoek Lodge is a quiet, peaceful and individualised lodge where you can:
• stare in wonder as the mighty Africa sun rises over the eastern horizon
• admire the surreal, panoramic surroundings from Safarihoek’s elevated positioning
• hear the rushing of the breeze through the trees and the chattering of a variety of bird species
• take pleasure in watching the mingling of the wildlife on the plains below or from the comfort of our unique hide
• absorb the awesomeness of an African fire at the ‘Boma’ as you reiterate the adventures you have experienced with friends and family

Etosha SouthTandala Ridge Lodge

Sixteen KM south of Etosha National Park (as the crow flies), Tandala Ridge has the same natural habitat as the park, while offering game drives in open vehicles and guided walking safaris to bring you up close and personal to Eland, Kudu, Oryx, Red Hartebeest, Blue Wildebeest as well as the smaller Steenbok, Duiker and Dik-Dik.

Private, quiet and reasonably priced, Tandala Ridge has only two chalets making it ideal for couples or families. Off the beaten path, on the D 2695, Tandala Ridge is an ideal stop-over between Etosha National Park (75km) and the northwest Kunene Region or the southwest Twyfelfontein/Brandberg area. Tandala Ridge is located on Windpoort Farm where the chalets overlook a waterhole and a vast valley of game with the hills of Etosha in the distance.
Connect to the dawn of life
Built on 650 Million year old stromatolite reef, Tandala Ridge is immersed in Pre-History, making a connection to the time when life first began. Stromatolites are earth愀 oldest fossils and Windpoort Farm has more well- preserved varieties than anywhere else in Namibia. Hike to ancient house sites littered with Paleolithic spear points while you imagine what it was like to be a hunter-gatherer in this, amazing example of the cradle of mankind as well as the cradle of life itself.
our hosts and owner/managers, Tim and Laurel Osborne are retired Alaskan Biologists and Naturalists who are happy to give you their undivided attention and share with you their knowledge of the Geology, Paleontology and Biology of Windpoort Farm.
Have sundowners with a Black Rhinoceros and dine with a family of porcupines. Sleep peacefully with the knowledge that you are at one with nature.
Windpoort Farm also has a campsite with 3 sites and lots of shady Mopane trees. Free firewood is provided as well as tables and braai pits.

Etosha SouthEtosha Garten Hotel

Etosha Garten Hotel is located in the heart of Outjo, shaded by tall palms, jacarandas and lush greenery. It is a small, affordable and friendly heaven for travellers enjoying the good things in life. It is a place where you can relax after a long, dusty journey, recharging your batteries for your next destination in the north of Namibia.
The hotel has 20 double bedroom units, each with en-suite facilities (bath or shower). Guests can cool off in our sparkling swimming pool.
Etosha Garten Hotel with 20 rooms, each has en-suite facilities (bath or shower) in the town of Outjo, is surrounded by a tropical garden of 30.000 square metres. You can cool off in our sparkling swimming pool or simply enjoy the colours of our tropical garden. The Etosha Garten Hotel is one of the first buildings in Outjo and is already 100 years in existence.
It is a place where you can relax after a long dusty journey and get ready for your next destination. The town offers banks, grocery shops, filling stations and other facilities. There is ample space for parking at the hotel, with an attendant to ensure the safety of your vehicle. The Hotel is well situated for day trips to Etosha National Park or
to Damaraland (Petrified Forest, Twyfelfontein, Burnt Mountain and Organ Pipes) to the Ugab Terraces and Vingerklip, to Waterberg Plateau Park and to many more places of interest.
Austrian chef de cuisine ensures excellent meals which can be enjoyed in the a la carte restaurant; indoors in our dining rooms or outdoors in our tropical garden.
We only use the freshest of groceries as well as vegetables and herbs from our own garden. Our selected game specialties, home-baked bread and our famous Apfelstrudel are just a few examples of the varied menu we have on offer to delight our guests.
Whether you are an overnight guest at the hotel or merely have dropped in for lunch or afternoon coffee and cake, you can always be assured of a warm welcome, outstanding personal service and delectable food at the Etosha Garden Hotel.
Activities offered by Etosha Garten Hotel:
• Guided Photo Safaris to Etosha National Park and also through the West Part of Etosha National Park which is not open to the general public, with overnight stay in the Park and also at a Private Game Farm.
• Guided Day Trips to Damaraland, guided tours to Kaokoland (OvaHimba – last Nomads of Namibia) and also to Ovamboland and the Caprivi up to Victoria Falls.
• In Outjo: Museum, Curio Shops, Nautilia Graveyard, old historical Windmill Tower. Guided visit to the townships of Outjo which can include the Haillom Youth Center (traditional dancing), to nearby caves and Adventure Trails.
The Hotel was one of the first buildings constructed in Outjo and is already more than 100 years in existence. The Windmill Tower (famous attraction) was constructed in 1900 to provide fresh water to the German soldiers and their horses as well as the hospital. It was built over a well in a dry river bed (now in front of the Hotel) and officially taken into use on 1 March 1901. The 9.4 meter high base, which can be seen today , was built from stone and clay and a wooden windmill was mounted on top. The stone tower was declared a National monument in 1957.

The Hotel is situated conveniently in town near the shopping centre as well as for day trips to Etosha National Park (one hour drive), Damaraland (Petrified Forest, Twyfelfontein, Burnt Muntain and Organ Pipes), Ugab Terraces, Vingerklip and Waterberg Plateau Park.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served at Etosha Garten Hotel. Also available is a-la Carte menu and can cater for groups and functions (both set menu and buffet). Etosha Garten Hotel boasts ample space for parking and security on the premises to ensure safety of your belongings and vehicle.

Etosha WestDolomite Camp

Dolomite Camp is located in western Etosha National Park, near the Dolomietpunt waterhole. Guests can now stopover here which will break up their journey through the park. It is set on a large ridge which offers superb views of the going’s on of the plains below. It was the first camp to be built on this side of Etosha, opening up a section of the park previously not accessible to mainstream tourists.
Wildlife here includes Hartmann’s zebra which does not occur in the eastern section of the park. The surrounding vegetation of mainly karstveldt and mopane shrubland is different to the rest of Etosha Park. The unusual rock formations ensure that game drives are conducted in one of the park’s most scenic locations. The dolomite hill setting of the camp, boasts hundreds of seasonally blooming plant species, a lure for botanists and photographers alike.
The closest entrance for Self-drive visitors to Etosha is through the western entrance ‘Galton’s Gate’ (45km). The other restcamps located inside Etosha National Park are Okaukuejo Camp(180km from Dolomite Camp), Halali Camp (250km), Namutoni Camp (320km) and Onkoshi Camp (350km), these can now be reached using the Galton’s gate but one must allow plenty of time to traverse the park (the speed limit is 60km/h and game viewing is plentiful).
The western section now open to the public measures approximately one-third of the total area of Etosha Park itself. Although the main wildlife spectacles occur in and around the waterholes and vegetation of the Etosha Pan, game viewing is also very good in this area. There are no fewer than 15 waterholes in the vicinity of Dolomite Camp (although unlike other sections of the park here the access roads to many of these waterholes are not clearly marked). The hilly and rocky terrain here also becomes a wildlife retreat for the entire park during the wet season.
Dolomite Camp is much smaller that the three more established camps in Etosha (Okaukuejo, Halali & Namutoni) and the emphasis here is on a more exclusive experience with a focus on personal service and smaller numbers. The staff are friendly and well trained and although the overall experience may not be as smooth as that offered by the privately owned lodges which surround Etosha.
On arriving at Dolomite Camp guests are required to park their vehicles in the parking area at the foot of the hill. From this area you, and your luggage, are then transported (by golf cart) up the hill to reception. From here you will be shown around the camp and to your room. As Dolomite Camp is an unfenced camp, guests are not allowed to walk around after dark, and a member of staff will escort you to and from your room (all rooms are equipped with a phone – which can be used to request an escort).
The camp’s interior blends and harmonizes with the immediate environment. Facilities include a reception, guest lounge, fireside boma, laundry service, 2 x restaurant areas, swimming pool and secure parking. A fairly long and steep path from the bar and restaurant area leads to the accommodation, this distance and uneven surface can lead to issues for some older or less fit visitors (although golf carts are available to ferry people around the camp). There are 20 elevated thatched en-suite chalets, nestled amongst dolomite rocky outcrops. Privacy and dramatic panoramic landscape views are guaranteed.
• Bush Chalets: 17 west-facing single or double chalets are equipped with 2 beds, lounge area and comfy chairs, mosquito net, tea/coffee station, in-room safe and a wardrobe. Savour spectacular sunset views. The east-facing chalets have similar facilities but with striking sunrise views.
• Deluxe Chalets: The 3 Deluxe Chalets, a single and a double bed in each, are east-facing affording beautiful views at sunrise. They are equipped with similar facilities to the Bush Chalets with a private plunge pool.
Large herds of zebra, giraffe and antelope wander the plains around Dolomite Camp. Black and white rhino are present in numbers, often at Klip-pan waterhole. Previously endangered species such as the black rhino and black-faced impala have been successfully bred here. Wildlife excursions are conducted by professional and knowledgeable tour guides. Apart from the normal Etosha game viewing a special attraction of the Otjiovasondo area is the opportunity to see both the Plains Zebra and the Mountain Zebra drinking or grazing side by side and spotting the rare Sable Antelope.

Etosha WestHobatere Lodge

Hobatere Lodge is set in a 32,000ha concession area 65km north of Kamanjab, only 1km past the Galton Gate (Otjovasandu) entrance to Etosha Park. This is an ideal stopover for a couple of days for individual travellers, families and self-drive tourists on their way to Namibia’s major tourist attraction, especially those heading to Dolomite Camp. Palmwag is to the west and to the north Opuwo, the gateway to the solace, beauty and wonders of Kaokoland.
Once considered the jewel in Namibia’s lodge crown before closing and falling into disrepair Hobatere Lodge was reopened in 2015. Now owned by the local members of the #Khoadi //Hoas Conservancy. It is managed by the same people that manage the very popular Fish River Lodge & Grootberg Lodge.
Etosha Park teems with wildlife and is home to large varieties of mammals, birds, reptiles, invertebrates and amphibians. A network of gravel roads lead you to nearly 60 waterholes many close to or not far from the main feature of the park, Etosha Pan. The best months for game viewing tend to be in the drier, winter months from May to September, although the wet, hot summer months from October to April also offer it’s own wildlife excitement and attractions.
At Hobatere Lodge the main building has a restaurant, bar, lounge and a curio shop. Guests can relax and unwind around the swimming pool. Set around 300m from the pool is the waterhole where elephant, antelope and birds visit.
Accommodation is in:
• Chalets: These thatched units have an en-suite bathrooms, twin beds and mosquito nets.
• Rooms: Individual thatched rooms are set outside with similar facilities to the Chalets.
• Family Chalets: 2 thatched Family Chalets also have similar facilities and amenities to the Chalets and Rooms.
The area is home to a wide selection of Namibia’s wildlife and you can expect to see lion, elephant, giraffe, eland and Hartmann’s zebra. Nocturnal creatures include aardvark, Cape fox, bat-eared fox, genet and aardwolf. Game viewing is conducted in open-sided safari vehicles in the company of experienced rangers and guides.